WEFT Token
WEFT (WEISS FUEL TOKEN) is a loyalty token, a blockchain-based digital asset with real value.
It can rightly be considered the heart of WEISS, combining the loyalty mechanisms and the bonus system. Tokens are available to every player, and stakeholders receive a share of the platform's profits. Here is WEFT explained!
play2earnPlay2Earn program
Play2Earn dotSimply play for money to earn tokens. Every bet you make, regardless of winning or losing, brings you immediate rakeback in WEFTs.
Play2Earn dotTo find out the amount of tokens you've gained with Play2Earn, go to the 'Token' page in the sidebar, then click on 'Analytics' at the bottom of the screen.
Play2Earn dotThe gain in Play2Earn depends on the game type. Tap the 'Info' button in the right corner of your Play2Earn History for a detailed insight.