WEISS Bet My Valentine: A Sale of Love
WEISS Bet My Valentine: A Sale of Love

WEISS Bet My Valentine: A Sale of Love

Ready to make a purchase at the Big WEFT Private Sale on February 14th? Get even more tokens! 💝 Take part in the new WEISS tournament and compete for a share of a 30,000 WEFTs pool! In the name of love, of course! 😉
30000 WEFT
Total prize
7000 WEFT
5000 WEFT
4000 WEFT
3000 WEFT
2000 WEFT
1500 WEFT
1000 WEFT
800 WEFT
700 WEFT

How to win

  • Click "Participate" to join.
  • Get WEFTs for each bet as a rakeback (Play2Earn).
  • Bigger bets - more tokens.
  • Tokens received via the Play2Earn program count as points for a tournament.
  • The 100 players with the most points by the end of the tournament receive prizes.

How to use WEFT Tokens?

  • Transfer your WEFT Tokens to your gaming account and continue playing. WEFTs will be converted to your account currency.
  • Stake your tokens in a Hold2Earn widget to passively multiply their number, earning a share of the platform's profits.

Why is Bet My Valentine totally fair and transparent?

  • WEISS is a unique blockchain-based platform. Each user can check every bet they make via Trueplay Explorer. Just copy your ID and put it into Explorer.

More info

  • Only real money bets are eligible for the tournament.
  • Prizes are credited within three business days after the end of the tournament.
  • By participating in the tournament, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions presented on the WEISS website.

Find your Valentine's Day luck with WEISS!