WEISS Dragon's Roar
WEISS Dragon's Roar

WEISS Dragon's Roar

Unleash the Fire, Embrace the Roar in the WEISS Dragon's Roar Tournament! 🔥 Spread your wings and claim your share of the 30,000 WEFT prize pool!
30000 WEFT
Total prize
7000 WEFT
5000 WEFT
4000 WEFT
3000 WEFT
2000 WEFT
1500 WEFT
1000 WEFT
800 WEFT
700 WEFT

How to win

  • Click "Participate" to join.
  • Get WEFTs for each bet as a rakeback (Play2Earn).
  • Bigger bets - more tokens.
  • Tokens received via the Play2Earn program count as points for a tournament.
  • The 100 players with the most points by the end of the tournament receive prizes.

How to use WEFT Tokens?

  • Transfer your WEFT Tokens to your gaming account and continue playing. WEFTs will be converted to your account currency.
  • Stake your tokens in a Hold2Earn widget to passively multiply their number, earning a share of the platform's profits.

Why is Dragon's Roar totally fair and transparent?

  • WEISS is a unique blockchain-based platform. Each user can check every bet they make via Trueplay Explorer. Just copy your ID and put it into Explorer.

More info

  • Only real money bets are eligible for the tournament.
  • Prizes are credited within three business days after the end of the tournament.
  • By participating in the tournament, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions presented on the WEISS website.

Become the Legend, that conquer the Skies!