Weiss Bet Big Bamboo Slot Review and Free Demo

We invite you to explore the Asian forest with Big Bamboo, a slot machine from Push Gaming, famous for its stunning design and entertaining bonus features. With a non-standard 5x6 reel layout, the game introduces unique features such as Mystic Bamboo and Golden Bamboo bonuses, offering a thrilling gameplay experience. Let 's discover more! 

Big Bamboo Slot Information

Big Bamboo is an Asian-style slot machine. The main role here is that of wild animals in the Chinese forests: pandas, monkeys, birds, and wild boar. Push Gaming, famous for games with beautiful design and entertaining bonus features, released the slot. The machine has a large playing field - 6 reels and five rows.

Features of Big Bamboo’s Online Slot

Big Bamboo slot has such distinctive features:

  • Non-standard field size - 5×6;
  • Mystic Bamboo and Golden Bamboo bonus features;
  • 4-10 free spins;
  • "Bonus Buy" feature;
  • maximum coefficient x50000.

Cash prizes can fall in the following denominations:

  • x1
  • x2
  • x5
  • x10
  • x25
  • x50
  • x100
  • x250
  • x500
  • x1000
  • x2500
  • x5000

Big Bamboo Online Slot Review

The main action is set in the forests of China, home to pandas, bluebirds, and monkeys. Behind the reels, you can see the vegetation, mostly bamboo. The machine has good graphics and excellent musical accompaniment.

Big Bamboo is a slot with a variable RTP. The developer offers such values: 96.13%, 95.11%, 94.08%, and 88.11%, and each casino chooses a more suitable one. In addition, rounds with free spins have a separate return value (up to 96.74%).

The payback shows how much money is returned to the player 's account. However, a group of users playing at the same time is taken into account. Funds are distributed according to high volatility - in large portions but quite rarely.

How to Play the Big Bamboo Slot Game

Big Bamboo is a five-reel, six-row slot. There are a total of 50 win lines.The gameplay is smooth and engaging, ensuring players will stay engrossed as they play. Stacks of Mystery Bamboo will help you get wins, and if they go into the Golden Bamboo feature, you can expect to unlock one after another cash prizes of up to 5,000x. These can be increased using the collect symbols and/or multiplier, so the potential of 50,000x is genuine. Also, you get even more Mystery Bamboos in the bonus round thanks to the low-cost c symbol conversion system, and the maximum win probability is 1 in 21 million, which is very solid.

Bonus game in Big Bamboo

There is no thematic bonus game here. However, the slot Big Bamboo offers players other bonus features:

  • "Golden Bamboo" - on the icons randomly appear unique icons with multipliers (coins), the icon "Collator," which collects coin denominations and restarts the function, as well as scatters. Still, Instant Prize can fall during the feature - instant winnings up to x5000.
  • "Mystic Bamboo" is a symbol with green-colored bamboo that can transform into any other symbol, including the Golden Bamboo.

Free spins in Big Bamboo

The Big Bamboo game is interesting because it features a free spin round. However, it is more complex than in other machines. The round is activated when the scatters fall out on the screen: the usual on the 2nd and 3rd reel and Gamble-scatter on the 4th reel. The latter depends on the reward the player will get (and whether he will get it). These can be:

  • 4-9 FS;
  • 7-9 FS, where two low-paying icons turn into Mystery Bamboo;
  • 8-10 FS, where four low-paying icons turn into Mystery Bamboo;
  • no free spins - if a space appeared after the Gamble scatter spin.

Users also like to play Big Bamboo because of the possibility of buying bonuses. The function is activated by pressing the star button (bottom right). Not all jurisdictions have the option to buy. You can buy any round variant with the free spins listed above. It will cost from x99 to x608.

About Big Bamboo free play

To practice before betting for real money, you should run a Big Bamboo demo. This is a test mode of the machine on Weiss bet, which allows you to evaluate the design and music, test the technical characteristics (return and variance), learn more about the bonuses, and form a strategy. Instead of real money, conditional chips are used in test mode.

At Big Bamboo, you can play in the Weiss Bet online casino demo.  The algorithm for launching the demo version is similar in different establishments. You need:

  • Open the site of the playground.
  • Go to the lobby.
  • Find in the catalog slot Big Bumboo. Using the search bar or sorting the machines by the provider (you will need to specify Push Gaming).
  • Point the mouse pointer at the slot.
  • Press "Demo".

How to play Big Bamboo from your cell phone

You can also play for real money or demo in Big Bamboo from smartphones. For this purpose are provided:

  • Weiss bet casino site or mobile version - available in the device 's browser;
  • Official casino app - you need to find the download files and download and install the program for your operating system. As a rule, there are links to download files on the institution 's website.

Both methods allow you to run the Big Bamboo slot machine, considering the size of the screens. They adapt the buttons and pictures, so there are no problems with clicking. In addition, it is easy to play the Big Bamboo slot demo from a smartphone.

Advices and Tips to Play Big Bamboo

The Big Bamboo game offers a real opportunity to win. It gives away more than 96% of the money bet. Luck happens rarely, but you can immediately get solid prizes. Such nuances arose due to the technical settings set by the manufacturer. If these parameters are changed, online casinos can not. On all sites, the machine behaves the same way. Let 's find out how to win at Big Bamboo casino.

Strategies and tactics Big Bamboo

The revealed indicators of the developer studio are the basis for creating a strategy. For amateurs, online casinos offer dozens of different ways to win. The choice of model should only take into account balance, willingness to take risks and several other rules.

Here 's a simple example. Many beginners know about Martingale. It is perfect for roulette. You should bet on black (or red) and repeat the procedure when you lose, doubling the value. Such doubling is performed until the first win. The prize phase will recoup past misses and allow you to earn. However, such a model cannot be applied in this simulation. It is impossible to guess what multiplier the game will give out. Therefore, you should focus on other options.

On the available maximum

Emulation pays good dividends. Often, combos are formed from the most expensive pictures. That 's why betting on the highs is excellent for the machine:

  • Allocate a certain amount per session.
  • Divide it by 20.
  • Run 20 iterations.

Such a number will be required because of the peculiarities of the algorithm. "Big Bamboo" is ready to pay good money, but the pictures in the winning lines appear on the field not as often as you would like.

VIP clients often use one variation of the system. They turn on the simulator, set the available maximum, and set the reels in motion. After that, they take their earnings or fix a loss.

Analyzing the behavior of the machine

This tactic is more complicated than the previous one. However, it can produce more attractive results. Big Bamboo is suitable for those who are willing to take higher risks. It will pay decent rewards, but rarely. Failures appear more often. Usually "misses" for 5-6 runs in a row. The above statistical information is applicable to create a game scheme:

  • Turn on the slot and set the minimum spin price.
  • Spend 30-40 runs in a row.
  • Record the winning and losing iterations.
  • Find out the frequency of combos falling out.
  • After the last reward, start counting losses.
  • A couple of games before the expected win, increase the spin value.
  • Keep spinning the slot.
  • Win, set the minimum price, and repeat the cycle.

You 'll have to stock up on pen and paper and record successful and losing periods. However, this practice will be more accurate in the long run. It is based on statistics that increase the odds.

Increasing the price tag when you win

This variation is more risky than the one described earlier. It is based on one observation of "Big Bamboo ' ' behavior. Many noticed that after a series of misses, the emulator gives a couple of pluses in a row. The actions are elementary:

  • Set the minimum.
  • Wait for the prize spin.
  • Increase the price tag.
  • Start a new iteration.

To understand the essence of this type of strategy is more accessible than we said above. However, it comes with a lot of risk.

"Set and Run"

Before you start, you should be puzzled by the selection of a pool of machines. When searching, a couple of criteria are taken into account:

  • Return rate.
  • Volatility.

The situation improves as the values increase. "Big Bamboo" has inflated values. Therefore, it can be applied to form a personal game collection. After creating a private collection, you have to:

  • Run the slot.
  • Put the maximum bet.
  • Click on the start button.

At a loss, close the slot and include the next. After making a bet act, activate the movement of pictures. The calculation is based on getting marginal prizes from one run. Chances are small, so many people need to fit this format.

Warning: This variation is very risky. For beginners, it is better to use something other than this system. It is ideal for professionals who have impressive experience and a solid deposit.

In conclusion

To sum up, we highly recommend Casino Big Bamboo. Of course, its high volatility may not suit players who do not like to take risks. However, you can test the slot in the demo version and then move on to playing for money.

The big plus of the Bamboo slot is its design. Few people will be indifferent to the cute black and white panda eating bamboo leaves and other animals of the tropical forests of China. Bonus features also play an essential role - three of them, not counting the wild.

Frequently Asked Questions about Big Bamboo Free Online Slot Game

  • How many paylines does the Big Bamboo slot have?

In Big Bamboo there are 50 fixed pay lines. It 's different from other Push Gaming slots, which are cluster-based slots.

  • How volatile is the Big Bamboo online slot?

This is a high-volatility game with an average return of 96.13%.

  • What does the Golden Bamboo symbol do in the Big Bamboo slot machine?

The feature unlocks when Golden Bamboo symbols are revealed:

  • Multiplier – 2x-10x multipliers help with collector symbol values or prize symbols.
  • Instant Prize – bonus multipliers worth between 1x and 5000x your stake.
  • Collector – collector symbols or instant prize symbols are gathered and remain in place throughout the feature while any remaining empty symbol positions spin.

These symbols can land anywhere and transform to uncover various prize-winning symbols.

  • Can I play the Big Bamboo slot on a mobile?

Yes, Big Bamboo Slot is optimized for devices and screens of all resolutions, so you can enjoy playing Big Bamboo on your Android & iOS mobile phone.

  • Can I win real money when I play the Big Bamboo slot? 

You can win up to 50,000 times your total wager on the Big Bamboo slot machine. By playing with a maximum bet of 5.00 per spin, you can win a real prize of 250,000.00.

  • Which developer makes the Big Bamboo slot machine?

The Big Bamboo slot machine, developed by Push Gaming, immerses players in the exciting world of the Asian forest.